Lotus E21 by Mfh

Am wondering what fellow members thoughts on this kit? I've not built Mfh and wondered whether anyone has bought one or started this kit by Mfh. I have built the E20 by Bmodelworks,and enjoyed this,so am wondering whether to add this to my already growing collection!

Bromley Car Show

Hi Folks, This is just a reminder for the petrol heads out there who like their cars,especially the classics,F40's,275's,Cobra's,and Porsches etc oh and the odd Torino,the show is on this Sunday in Norman Park. I think it's the largest one day car show in Europe! Only trouble it's all 1:1 scale but a great display,will have to post some pics from previous years when have time!

New To Modeling

I've just came out the army after being hurt and to find a hobby i can sit down to do, so being Formula1 mad i've decided to go back to modeling since i enjoyed it as a kid and have been inspired by some of the photos on this site.