Database of Racing and Sports-racing Cars

This is a follow-up to a post I made two or three years ago about a database that I started some 40 years ago when I realised the importance of correct wheel and tyre sizes to the appearance of scale models.  I subsequently extended the database to include brief details of engine, wheelbase and track dimensions and the spreadsheet is now about 2.5Mb.

It was then my intention to share the database but a house move, home improvements and a switch from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 have distracted me from doing more until now.  I believe that ehe size of the spreadsheet prevents it being attached to a post on this website so, unless an F1 forum member has an alternative, I propose to send it by personal email to those members who declare an interest.

The next 1/12 MFH F1 kit has just been announced on Hiro's website

Dear fellow open wheel , F1 , 1/12 scale "every other month model club" members! The next car has just Been displayed with a few very revealing pictures as the 1967 Gurney Weslake car. It looks like there are 2 different versions. The engine looks check out the MFH website so you can see where all your money will be going in January.

IPMS/USA Executive Board Elections

If you are an active member of IPMS/USA, I would urge you to vote in the current election for the Executive Board.  While there is only one position with more than a single candidate and most IPMS/USA members have, historically, not been interested in the politics of the Society, I think it it very important that they do particpate in the election process.

The online Voting site is located at: . All current members of IPMS/USA should have an account there and getting your password is the same there as is it here on F1M (as I run both sites).  If you have any trouble with your account, please let me know.