So What's Up on

So folks might have noticed that some things have changed recently, mostly on the non-Forum section of F1M.

I've updated the software that runs that portion of the site.  Its was going to need to happen at some point, and I will also need to do another update but I can wait on that.  I removed some of the old content, things like the Hobby Shop list, updated other content, like the F1 Kit Database, and created a new feature, the Resources.  F1M members can add or update information in these sections, its moderated so I'll need to give it a check before the changes appear.

As part of the update to the kit database, I've made the manufacturer a thing on its own. When creating a kit entry you can either select an existing manufacturer or create a new one if needed. See the Meng McLaren MP4/4 kit entry as an example.  Meng Models has now has its own page as does every other manufacturer.  I plan on enhancing this feature soonish.  The database is also a little more searchable now.

I was able to migrate most of the Comments to the new software - some are missing, and the submission date is wrong on them, but....

I have also made some changes to the member account setup - folks will need to redo any information they had there.  Also the Member Map is back but you need to be logged in to see it.  I have also re-enabled F1M account creation.

In the Forums you will notice that any new posts made here will show up in the Site News topic. I'm not sure there have been any other changes aside from a software update a month or so ago.

What's Next?

There are some features I'm still looking to add for the database and resources, those will progress along as I have time and ideas.

There will be another software update for the site - I dont think that will cause any changes.

The big question is where does the site go from here?  The Forums is by far the most active area of the site, but the software that runs it, phpBB, is for me, as a web developer, not particularly interesting. All I really do is apply updates and occasionally a useful module built by other developers. Its a thing unto itself and forum software is such a specialty thing, there really is nothing new for me to explore there. 

On the other hand, the software that runs this part of the site, Drupal, is what I use everyday building websites at Penn State and for IPMS/USA. Over the years I've built out a number of different sites with different functionality - there is virtually nothing you can't build, website wise, in Drupal.

[Oddly, the two things it does not do well, without a great deal of work and never really well, are forums and image galleries.  It can be done, but its much easier to use other software.]

So I'd rather spend my energy building things in Drupal than messing about in another system.  I'm hoping I can get more folks active here so I don't feel like I'm wasting effort.  The Forums will still be an important area and it will continue, but don't expect much in the way of new functionality and such.

I think that covers it... Any questions?

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