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The next 1/12 MFH F1 kit has just been announced on Hiro's website

Dear fellow open wheel , F1 , 1/12 scale "every other month model club" members! The next car has just Been displayed with a few very revealing pictures as the 1967 Gurney Weslake car. It looks like there are 2 different versions. The engine looks magnificent....so check out the MFH website so you can see where all your money will be going in January.

IPMS/USA Executive Board Elections

If you are an active member of IPMS/USA, I would urge you to vote in the current election for the Executive Board.  While there is only one position with more than a single candidate and most IPMS/USA members have, historically, not been interested in the politics of the Society, I think it it very important that they do particpate in the election process.

The online Voting site is located at: https://voting.ipmsusa3.org/ . All current members of IPMS/USA should have an account there and getting your password is the same there as is it here on F1M (as I run both sites).  If you have any trouble with your account, please let me know.

Forum News

I seem to have fixed the Forums except that the 'Recent Topics' block is not appearing on the F1M home page for anonymous users.  No idea what is wrong there, but I will try to fix it later.


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