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A very nice video of the 1:20 Aoshima Mclaren MP4/2B kit from Japan

I just went to YouTube and came across with this really nice video of the 1:20 Mclaren MP4/2B kit.  This master builder from Japan is extremely neat, thoughtful and precise.  Some of his techniques were out of this world!  Even though he didn't use carbon fibre decals, but it was amazing just to watch and admire his fine scale modelling skills.  This is in 6 parts and each p

Scale Motorsport Changes?

Updated: I've read on Facebook that Scale Motorsport may have several options for a buyout.  More later.

From this forum post - 

Matthew Wells of Scale Motorsport has announced that 2018 will be his last year in business producing decal and superdetail kits. Items that go out of stock now will not be replenished so if you're contemplating needing any of his carbon fiber sheets or been thinking of one of his detail sets now might be the time to order. Prices will be discounted at his various events this year including the NNL show tomorrow in Philadelphia, PA at the Simeone Museum.

English translated instructions for Studio27 Tyrell P34 Transkit Monaco 77

This is an english translated instruction for the Studio27 1:12 Tyrell P34 GP Monaco 1977 Transkit.

A big thank you goes to Chris (Eagle50), he kindly supported me with the translation to create these PDF. It comes seperated in 4 parts caused by data size, it could have been smaller, but i left it this way cause in the mean it is based on graphics.

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